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"Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize?
Run in such a way that you may win." » I Corinthians 9:24
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Very often we think of ourselves as the main character in our own personal drama. Everyone has one and you need to be the star of your own! Wrong. If life is a drama, Christ is the main character. He is the one that the focus is on, He is the one that triumphs in the end, and He will take the center bow.

How awkward would it be to go see a play and the entire time see a supporting actor keep trying to get the limelight over the main character? But yet, we do that all the time in our lives. If anything is taking the role of the main character in your life drama besides Jesus, that thing is an idol. It doesn’t matter if it is you, a family member, the Internet, or your dog. It’s an idol and God takes those very seriously. He says He will not share His glory with another and that includes us!

This does not mean that we will not be taken care of, though. God is our Bridegroom and He loves to take care of His bride. You don’t need to fight and scratch your way to taking care of your own self. Let God be God and let Him do what He does best (being holy and loving). When you get hurt or betrayed, we don’t have to limp off like a hurt dog and lick our own wounds, barking at anyone who comes near. Let God heal your hurt, let God be your protector (instead of creating your own walls), and let God be your focus instead of your pain. He can and will use other people to help you through your pain and to help heal your wounds, but He is still the author of it.

This perspective does not mean that we disappear and don’t matter at all, but it puts us into the category of a supporting actor instead of the main one.

Betrayed by a Friend

I’ve always loved to think about Judas Iscariot, how he betrayed Jesus, and how Jesus forgave Judas and even called him “friend” as he was committing the betrayal. What always gets me is that Jesus could see Judas’ heart the whole time and He knew that Judas would betray Him. But He still chose Judas as one of the Twelve. He still allowed Judas to be close to Him, knowing that it would cause pain.

There are some good lessons in that on forgiveness and loving those who hurt us. But a few days ago I saw the scenario from a different perspective. I had always tried to put myself in as the role of Jesus (which is helpful), but then I saw myself as one of the disciples. Judas didn’t merely betray Jesus, he also betrayed his 11 closest friends. He had labored for God’s Kingdom with them. He had gone out preaching and casting out demons with them. Finding out that one of your closest friends has been lying to you for over three years, and is not who they have portrayed them self as, is devastating. I pictured myself in the disciples’ shoes and realized how heart breaking it must have been for them to see Judas betray Jesus and betray them.

But as they were in the locked room, while Jesus was in the grave, I don’t think their focus would have been on Judas’ betrayal to them. Their focus would have been on how he betrayed Jesus, for that was the greater sin.

The truth that this is what happens today, hit me hard. When someone sins against me, yes they have betrayed me, but their greater betrayal is against God. Jesus allowed Judas close access to His other disciples and sometimes He will allow other Judas’s close access to you. It doesn’t mean He doesn’t love you though, but that He is greater than those who hurt you. When that happens, admit your pain and hurt to the Lord, but at the same time acknowledge that the greater sin was against the Most Holy God. Let the Bridegroom be close to you and love on you, but remember that He is still the main character and don’t let your pain blow yourself out of proportion compared to Him.

Tomorrow I will discuss the role Satan plays in this drama. Remember, we need to know how to combat him if we want to overcome!


Julianna Curtis, a homeschool grad, graduated from Stetson University in 2011, Summa Cum Laude, with a degree in Accounting Information Systems. She is now a technical analyst at Verizon,  a L.I.F.E. group leader and worship team singer at Powerline Church, and vendor coordinator and speaker for the Finish Well Conference. 

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