Children’s Workshops ($10/child)

The Finish Well team invites your children to home sweet home. Your children will learn about God’s plan for the Christian family and what He created each person to be. In an age that seeks to undermine God’s purpose for a family, our goal is to teach your children about healthy, pure, functional relationships within the home. Come join us for Kids Club!


Jesus Is Our Light

Jesus is the Light of the world, and your kids can know this Light personally! In this session, children will discover how Jesus uncovers darkness and lights their pathways as He guides them in truth and love. Kids will learn how they can be lights for Christ, reflecting His glory.

Lights for Jesus in our Homes

God wants our homes to be lighthouses in a dark world. We all need to reflect Jesus’ light by shining, and that all starts in our homes! Kids will enjoy discovering how to be a light for Jesus in their homes by respecting their parents, working through conflict in a biblical way, speaking words that bring life instead of death, and being polite and kind.


What about dinosaurs? How can we explain dinosaurs from a biblical creation viewpoint? When were dinosaurs? Why is the word dinosaur not in the bible? What happened to dinosaurs? We will address these questions and more in our fun workshop for children! Activities and crafts will also be included.

Lights for Jesus in Our World

This world hungers to see real-life examples of Jesus’ love and truth. They need to see godly children who honor their parents and treat others with respect and kindness. How can you shine His light in the supermarket, at church, at soccer games and with extended family? The Gospel is the brightest light we can share, because it the good news about God’s Operation Rescue. God made a way to rescue sinful people so they can live in His Kingdom. And your kids can learn how to share this fantastic news with others! In this session, children will learn the basics of the Gospel and how to share it. After learning the Gospel with the aid of hand motions, kids will role play to make the experience as real and as fun as possible!