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Teens! Parents! Grab your airsoft guns, goggles, BBs, and bottled water and join the war! From 3 PM to 5 PM, we are holding “War Games” onsite! Waivers are available online and must be filled out and signed to participate. Let’s kick off this event with some fun!

Mom’s Heart to Heart: Overcoming Fear!

Moms, if you are struggling with insecurities related to homeschooling or parenting, this session is for you. Are you worried that you might be inadequate to homeschool your own high school student? Do you feel that you don’t measure up? Oftentimes on this journey, we can be scared of failings or afraid that we will repeat destructive patterns in the future. Don’t let fear of failure stop you! The Lord is with you and for you! His perfect love casts out all fears! But how can you be confident and courageous? Receive God’s freedom as you listen to other moms’ testimonies of finding freedom from worry in their homeschooling journey. Do you need personal prayer? Perfect! The Mom’s Heart to Heart session isn’t just about listening; it’s about engaging. Come join us as we minister to one another through love and prayer.

This session is intended for moms.

Dinner Break & Vendor Hall Shopping

Take a break and get some dinner as a family. There are plenty of restaurants nearby or you can bring a packed meal to eat at the conference facility.

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How to Raise Successful Leaders for the 21st Century

Do you want to learn the secrets of raising a successful leader in our day and age? Mat Staver is a Christian lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court. He is also the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, an international nonprofit litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the family. And above all, Mat is a successful leader in our day. He will equip parents to teach their children and teens the necessary skills and character qualities to experience success and impact their culture for Christ. As Christians, we are called to infiltrate every facet of our society with Christ’s love. That includes the justice system, politics, and the marketplace! Learn how to teach your kids good communication skills, respect for others, conflict resolution, a hard work ethic, critical thinking, ingenuity, and the ability to work with others toward a common goal.

This session is intended for parents and teens.

Saturday Morning Sessions

Welcome Session: Your Zip Code

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This session is intended for parents and teens.

Opening Session: Make a Lasting Impact on Your Generation

Most of us want to make a positive, lasting impact on the world around us. But where do we start? With all that’s wrong with our world, we may wonder if change is even possible. In this session, Grant Maloy will teach you how to make a lasting impact on your generation, no matter how old or how young you may be. Grant will share how he made a difference in Casselberry and cleaned up much of the city’s moral filth. Don’t let anything stop you from impacting your community with the love of Christ. Let this session equip you to overcome obstacles and making a difference!

This session is intended for parents and teens.

Electives We Loved!

With so much focus on the core subjects of high school, it’s easy for electives to go by the wayside. But these classes allow our teens to discover their interests, passions, and perhaps future careers. Julianna’s computer classes eventually led to her current job as a technical analyst. Marla’s piano classes paved the way for her Piano Performance major in college. Let these homeschool grads teach you how to choose electives based on your child’s unique tendencies and talents!

This session is intended for parents. Teens welcome.

High School Crash Course (Homeschooling High School 101)

Credits, GPAs, transcripts—preparing to homeschool a high schooler? Don’t panic! Cheryl will explain the nuts and bolts of home educating through high school, including credits, GPAs and transcripts. You will learn how to navigate the high school lingo, how to establish obtainable goals to create a flexible four-year plan, how to design courses and award credits, and how to organize records. Get ready for some practical tips for keeping a clear vision for starting well on the high school journey.

This session is intended for parents.

Make the Most of Middle School

The pre-teen and early teen years are often characterized by silly behavior and unpredictable emotion. But these years can also be prime time for invaluable teaching opportunities. If you feel like you are in survival mode with your middle schooler, let Meredith give you practical wisdom that works. Beneath every challenge is a treasure, but it often takes an adventure to find it! From choosing curriculum to building closer relationships, these years can be joy-filled and successful.

This session is intended for parents.

Making of Real Men

Are you a dad who wants to raise your sons to be real men? Pastor Mike will teach you how to mentor your sons as he draws examples from his own relationship with his son, Jimmy. From the relational aspects of Mike and Jimmy’s discipleship to the materials they use during their meeting times, this workshop gives dads the tools they need to raise real men.

This session is intended for fathers.

Transform Your Zip Code

Being a world changer starts with changing your immediate surroundings. That includes your home, your church, and your zip code. Tim will challenge you to rise up and make a positive difference in the lives of your peers, your family, and your community. Don’t wait for the future to become a world changer. Start your training now!

This session is intended for teens. Parents are always welcome.

Our American Heritage

Our nation has been in a slow turn away from Christian values and morals, but is that the intent of the Founding Fathers? Suzanne will share the values, faith, and hopes of the settlers and Founding Fathers (and Mothers) as dreamed of starting a nation that would be a “City on a Hill,” Learn about our heritage of faith, freedom, hard work, perseverance, limited government, entrepreneurship, and family. Suzanne will also address the impact we are seeing on our country as a result of not being taught our heritage for so many years.

This session is intended for parents and teens.

The College Application Process & Going to College Debt-Free

Don’t let the thought of college applications and tuitions daunt you. Julianna will walk you through the details of the college application process. In this session, discover how and when to research colleges, how and when to volunteer, when to take electives and which ones, and what to do in your spare time. Julianna has the scoop on testing, scholarships, and how other people in your life can help you get into college.

This session is intended for parents and teens.

Writing to College & Beyond

If you or your teen is planning to attend college, this is the session for you! What are college professors expecting from me in all those essays they require? How can my teen best be prepared to excel in the required, and often dreaded, first-year English course? Can I teach my high school student to write? Katie Beth, homeschool grad and former English professor at UCF, will join her mom, Meredith, to answer these and other questions and assure you with a resounding “Yes!” Katie Beth will share the basic writing skills that college professors are looking for from their students, along with ways you can far outdo the average college freshman in writing ability! Meredith will offer practical tips for imparting this to your student based on hands-on experience. Get ready for a whole new perspective on high school writing!

This session is intended for teens. Parents always welcome.

Worship Isn’t Girly

We know God calls all men and women to worship Him, but have you ever felt passionate worship was too “girly”? And yet mighty warriors like David used intimate worship as their fuel. In this session, Zack will challenge you to rethink your position and enter a new depth in your worship life.

This session is intended for teen guys (dads, too!). Parents are always welcome.

Platforms, Slogans, & Ads

Learn the ins and outs of a political campaign in this completely hands-on workshop. Teens will divide into two groups and choose one person to be their candidate. They will choose a platform, design slogans, and create a TV ad to perform for the other team at the end of the workshop. This is a fun-filled, practical way to understand how political campaigns work.

This session is intended for teens. Parents are always welcome.

Lunch & Vendor Hall Shopping
(12:30 pm – 2:00 pm)

Saturday Afternoon Sessions

Walking Teens from Doubts to Faith

We want to see our teens walk closely with Jesus and live lives that honor the Lord. But what if there are obstacles that seem to trip them up? Pastor Mike will show parents how to address the common doubts and questions that often plague teens, such as “Is the Bible trustworthy?” “Does God really love me?” “If I’m a Christian, why do I sin?” “Why don’t I feel close to God?” “How do I know that I’m really saved?” Don’t be intimidated to guide your teens through this transition from “My parent’s faith” to “My own walk with the Lord.”

This session is intended for parents.

Internships, Apprenticeships, & Entrepreneurship: Three Essential Components for Future Opportunities

Colleges and employers are looking for motivated young adults who know their skill set and have accumulated experience in their fields of interest. Practical, experiential learning in high school allows young adults to define and refine their interests and gifts, and perhaps areas they may have never explored otherwise. In this session, Mike and Cheryl will explain how to utilize internships, apprenticeships, entrepreneurship, service projects, and volunteer hours. Equip your children not only to acquire knowledge but build practical skills and trades, earn high school credits, and build a resume—all of which are attractive to potential colleges, employers, and clients.

This session is intended for parents. Teens are welcome.

Why Not Use Election Year to Create Your Own Government Class?

With elections right around the corner, this is a great time to create a non-traditional high school government class. Instead of tedious paperwork and memorization, your teens can have fun while they learn how the political process actually works. After teaching a really boring government class, Laura and Meredith tried out some different teaching methods. When it comes to creativity in planning classes, the sky is the limit. If you want your teens to learn more than just the facts about what government is and how it works, come join us!

This session is intended for parents. Teens are welcome.

Navigating the Internet with Honor

Pornography has infiltrated the Internet. As young men who love God, it can be difficult for us to honor Christ while surfing the Web. How do we guard against the filthy pop-ups and sites that bombard us? Join Zack as he shares practical ways in which you can defend your computer against pornography, unintentional or otherwise.

This session is intended for teen guys. Parents are always welcome.

Fashionably Modest

No matter how old or young, every girl wants to be beautiful. But if we listen to the world, we will get the wrong idea about what that means. Do you want to discover the secret to true, lasting beauty? In this session, Katie Beth and Sarah will teach you what the Bible says about clothing, as well as share tips on how to take care of your outward appearance. Join us in this workshop as we learn to be fashionable yet modest. This workshop is fun for all ages.

This session is intended for teen girls. Parents are always welcome.

Little Known Facets of High Schooling YOU Need to Know

With a new PSAT and SAT, NCAA changes, and college admission requirements, preparing high schoolers for their next steps after graduation can seem tricky. But it doesn’t have to be! Cheryl, author of Celebrate High School, will bring you up to speed with recent changes while offering practical tips about how you can help your young adults not just be prepared but thrive in the high school years and beyond.

This session is intended for parents.

Make Your Own Transcripts

Laura will dispel your fears and worries about summarizing those classes and credits your teen has worked so hard on. Get ready to learn the essential elements of writing transcripts, which include formatting the document, titling courses, assigning grades, and computing a GPA.

This session is intended for parents.

It’s a Young Earth After All

One of the most important issues regarding origins is the age of the earth. This interactive session will provide parents with the knowledge they need to teach the important aspects of the age of the earth to their children and youth. The basic presentation will include hands-on activities related to the assumptions of radiometric dating and the Biblical genealogies.

This session is intended for parents.

Drawing Your Teen’s Heart Back to Jesus

Post-graduation is a time of change in your teen’s life. In college, your kids will hear a lot of different philosophies, encounter opposition to their faith, and ultimately be tempted to fall away. Sarah Joy Curtis speaks honestly about her struggle with maintaining her faith after graduating high school, and gives advice, from a young adult’s perspective, on how to build up a relationship with your child and lead them back to the Lord—or how to avoid that event altogether.

This talk is for parents.

The Key to a Successful Life

What is the key to a successful life? And once we discover it, will we be willing to pay the price? In this session, Sarah and Mike will talk about how one simple yet vital quality will help you make good grades, advance in your career, enjoy a happy marriage, save money, honor Christ, and win the respect of others.

This session is intended for teens.

Vendor Hall Shopping
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