Jenny Rose Curtis

Jenny Rose, a homeschool graduate, works at Charisma Media as an editor. She graduated from Stetson University with a double major in Spanish and Communications. The Lord gave her a heart to be a missionary on Stetson’s campus. She delights in opportunities to share the Gospel and talk about the Lord Jesus with fellow students, professors, and staff at Stetson, as well as write about Truth in any college paper she can. One of her freshman research essays, Difference of Faith: Why Conservatively Religious Students Can Thrive in a Liberal Arts University, won the DuPont Ball Library Evans C. Johnson Research Prize. Not only does Jenny Rose sing on the worship team and write worship songs, but she also mentors young women in the Powerline Teen Ministry, Voltage. Everywhere she goes, Rose shares His love with others, often stopping to pray with them. If you spend any time with her, you will walk away feeling refreshed—that’s what her family and friends love about her! Yet with all her spiritual depth, Rose can also be very silly. She is known in her family for her very special interpretive dances!