Laura Nolette

Laura Nolette, married for 26 years to her beloved Donald, is a homeschooling mother of four fantastic children. She has worked with computers for even more years while raising her children in a Christ-centered home. Laura plays the bass and the flute on the worship team. Her own passion for learning has led her to teach Math, French, Science, Government, Computers, Art, and Music to her own children and many other students. In her spare time, she loves to use painting and creating new recipes to bless those around her and bring glory to her Lord Jesus Christ. Laura is the author of Unlocking the Mysteries of Homeschooling High School (with Meredith Curtis) and Web Design Class, which she hopes will help parents and students be able to share their faith on the Internet in visually stunning and creative ways. She has already graduated three children and is looking forward to being a grandmother. She is excited to help you get your high-schooler across the finish line well!